Death Grip - Liquid Chalk 3.3oz

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Death Grip Liquid Chalk is a water based hydrocellulose thickener that allows for rosin and chalk to mix in a suspension formula. This new innovative product is an exceptional drying agent that gives the user a dry and rosin feeling when applied. The product dries within seconds of applying and once dry binds to the fatty acids and does not transfer to clothing or the ball. As with rosin in its powder state and chalk, both leave a residue of dust that slightly transfers and ultimately can be inhaled by the user causing discomfort. Death Grip Liquid Chalk outperforms both products leaving no mess or transfer only giving the user a longer more effective grip. Once you apply Death Grip Liquid Chalk you will immediately feel the rosin’s properties bind to your palms and give you the extra grip you need when your palms start to sweat. In addition, Death Grip Liquid Chalk helps prevents blisters.